Peak Flow Test Diary – Excel Template

Time to read: 4 mins

After a recent visit to the doctors, I was asked to take a peak flow test and record my results. I was provided a link to the “Asthma” website to fill in a “Peak Flow Diary” but meant I had to print it out and find a pen, so I decided to make one within excel, I mean, why not?

So if you have to do a Peak Flow Test Diary then please see below my excel template download below:

What is a peak flow test diary?

In short, it measures how quickly you can blow our air from your lungs, the lower the reading the less air you have been able to blow out. The chart is able to detect and see how your asthma is or isn’t doing.

A “normal” reading on a peak flow is between 400 and 700 liters per minute.

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