Is Facebook taking on Apple with a new Facebook Smart Watch?

Time to read: 4 mins

It looks set that Facebook are trying to take on Apple with a new “Facebook Smart Watch” according to a news report from “The Information” that will focus primarily on Messaging and Health. (But, will it tell the time?)

The smartwatch is likely to be released in 2022 according to the article, and it will let users send messages via Facebook’s services (assuming this will be Messenger and/or WhatsApp) it will also offer health and fitness features.

Facebook has already launched into Hardware, with services such as “Portal” which utilises Messenger and WhatsApp messaging services, but via Video and Oculus, an AI VR headset but not yet Smart Watches.

My opinion is that the Smart Watch won’t be a hot seller, with many privacy concerns over Facebook’s collection of data already, but if the product is marketed right and priced accordingly then it could be a win for Facebook who have already struggled to get into the hardware market.

What’s your opinion? Will you buy one if they come out?

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