Music and Films… Not for me! (Music Quiz 2017)

Time to read: 5 mins

I attended a Music and Film Quiz Night last week with some great friends – and some new ones. It was all in aid of Cancer Research UK.

£5.00 entry on the door (Luckily I had a small amount of cash on me, as card wasn’t accepted). We were “team one” (naturally..). 

Now, music and film isn’t my thing – I know the beat of a song and could (try) and sing the song to you, because I’ll know what it is, from usually the first few seconds. However, title, artists, lyrics – ERRNERR

The first few “taser” quiz’s were on our table already – Lyrics, and album covers! (Horray.. )

“Oh wait, that’s the Beatles…”

“Yeah, we need the album title..

So, a majority of the evening spent shrugging my shoulders.. and going “oh I know that song..” whist the others could name the artists, song titles, lyrics.

Until the “21st Century” round – which our team got 1/2 a point missed from the top – this was because none of us knew the answer. (Needless to say, I wasn’t a huge help in this round either with my musical knowledge..)

Anyways, turns out overall that night, out of around 35 teams, we came “third place” – I was there in spirit, enjoying the evening and laughing lots with some great people!

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