Restore or Repair Plesk File Ownerships or Group Permissions

Time to read: 2 mins
Image by Lee Thomas

Have you used the wrong file ownerships or groups on Plesk for some domains?

This quick and easy way will repair your file ownership or group permissions.

Login to your Plesk server via SSH and run the following commands:

Check all domains:

plesk repair fs

Check Specific Domain:

plesk repair fs DOMAINNAME.COM

Detailed Checks (All Domains)

plesk repair fs -verbose

2 Replies to “Restore or Repair Plesk File Ownerships or Group Permissions”

  1. it does not repair any permissions only check. btw its written. Why everywhere is the sam mindless retyping

    1. It worked and repaired the file permissions for me, and it was so helpful that’s why I added this guide here to help others.

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