Geocaching Acronyms

Time to read: 5 mins

Have you ever wondered what the acronyms are when out Geocaching? We did when we were out recently, stumbled across one we had no idea what it meant – so felt it was important to find out and provide a list for anyone else struggling.

If there are some that I’ve missed – let me know and I’ll add to the list.

List of Acronyms & Meanings:

ALRAdditional Logging Requrement
AMIAT Another Micro in a Tree
AWP Additional Waypoint
BOCP Base of Concrete Post
BOP Base of Post
BOT Base of Tree
BYOP Bring your Own Pencil/Pen
C&D Cache and Dash
CITO Cache In Trash Out
CO Cache Owner
COTD Cache of the Day
CRAP Cache Retrieved as Planned
DISCO Disguised Container (Scotland)
DNF Did Not Find
EO Event Organiser
EOW End of Wall
FIGS Found in Good Shape
FTF First to Find
GC Geocoin
GPSr GPS Receiver
GZ Ground Zero (Cache Coordinates)
ICP Ivy Covered Post
ICT Ivy Covered Tree
LHS Left Hand Side
LN Left Nothing
LOFTS Logged Only For The Smiley
LPCLamp Post Cache
LTF Log to Follow
LWF Log will Follow
MKH Magnetic Key Holder
MKS Magnetic Key Safe
MTT Multi-Trunked Tree
NA Needs Archiving
NiAH Needle in a Haystack
NM Needs Maintenance
OFTN One for the Numbers
OPS Obvious Pile of Sticks/Stones
P&G Park & Grab (US)
PAF Phone a Friend
PMO Premium Member Only
PQ Pocket Query
QEF Quick Easy Find
RAF Replaced as Found
RHS Right Hand Side
SBA Should be Archived
SL Signed Log
SOOP Something Out of Place
STF Second to Find
SWAGStuff we all get
TAF Text a Friend
TB Travel Bug
TFTC Thanks for the Cache
TFTE Thanks for the Event
TFTH Thanks for the Hide
TN Took Nothing (from the Cache)
TNLN Took Nothing Left Nothing
TNLNSL Took Nothing Left Nothing, Signed Log
TOTT Tools of the Trade
TTT Triple Trunked Tree
UPR Unnatural Pile of Rocks
XNSL Exchanged Nothing, Signed Log

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