How to upload to Instagram on a PC or Mac

Time to read: 5 mins

Have you ever wondered why you can’t upload to Instagram on a PC or Mac – But only on a mobile phone application? Strange, isn’t it?

A few years ago, I discovered an application (compatible for both Windows and Mac) called “Windowed” – it’s a great, bug-free, and open-source application that allows you to browse and upload from a Mac or Windows PC to Instagram! It’s had over 20,000 downloads.

The only downside is you can’t add additional effects to your images – which suits me just fine anyway – and, it may you too – But gives some great advantages of doing this not from a mobile device.

It tricks Instagram into thinking that it’s on a mobile device, and then gives you full file access from your PC or Mac to upload content directly to Instagram.

You can have up to 5 different social media accounts linked to the application and easily switch between any of them, once logged in.

You can also do the usual following, liking and more. Let me know how you get on and hit me up on socials:

Download Windowed Here:
(updated 30th Nov 2021 – It looks like is no longer operating)

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