How to un-retweet a tweet when you’ve been blocked

Time to read: 4 mins

So you might be in a position where you’ve retweeted an account in the past and then they’ve blocked you – and you need to un-retweet that tweet.

Follow my easy steps below to get this going Note: You can only un-retweet 1 tweet at a time. This is not a bulk un-retweeter.

1.) Download and Install “Postman” which is an API Application (it’s free!)

2.) Set up a twitter developer profile (This doesn’t take a huge amount of time you just need to fill out a few questions with twitter about why you are creating the API connection.

3.) Once you’ve applied you will need to wait for this to be approved by Twitter – when I applied it took around 8 hours for approval. You will get an email once you’ve been provided access.

4.) Create your “app” in Twitter. Give it any name, any description.

5.) Click on Keys and Tokens and generate access tokens and keep this page open. (you will need the details from the following shortly.
(do not share these keys with any other person)

API Secret Key
Access Token
Access Token Secret

6.) Open Postman (if you haven’t already) and click on “request”.

7.) Change the request to “POST” (top left) from the dropdown, and enter the following API post URL

8.) Fill out the authorisation details (this information is found on the twitter api page you should have kept open).

Consumer Key = API Key
Consumer Secret = API Secret Key
Token = Access Token
Token Secret = Access Token Secret

Ensure that ‘type’ is set to OAuth 1.0 and click on “add params to header” and then click “update request” timestamp, nonce, version etc will be automatically filled out.

9.) We’re ready to start un-retweeting. I suggest you open your own twitter public profile page (i.e. log out of twitter and head to your twitter timeline) then locate the re-tweet you wish to remove and click on the date. This will open in a new page and the top url will change. We are interested in the long numbers at the end (this is the tweet id). It will be something like:

Copy the numbers at the end of status/ and head back to postman application.

10.) Paste in the numbers into the address bar (as shown below) where all the xxxxxx’s are in the screenshot below – ensure that you have kept in .json and then hit “send”

11.) If you click on “headers” you will see the response back from twitter – if it displays information on the retweet you are trying to remove then it has been successful. If it returns anything else (like an error) then you may need to re-check all the settings again or get in contact.

I hope this guide has helped you – Let me know in the comments below!

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